Sachajuan Scalp scrub


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This gentle, sugar based scalp scrub is ideal for reducing dandruff, removing product build up, balancing oil and calming itchy and irritated scalps.Using a deep cleansing blend of climbazole, soy bean and shea butter oil, along with lightly exfoliating natural sucrose, it instantly helps to buff away dead skin cells that can cause dandruff, detoxify and remove product build up, whilst re-balancing sensitive and oily scalps. Designed to be used weekly, it combines shea butter and soybean oils which are natural emollients, helping to retain moisture, soothe itchiness and re-hydrate. Perfects as a weekly scalp detox, or post-colour treatment, it unclogs hair follicles, promotes new cell growth and reduces the tingling sensation on the scalp that can often occur after colouring. Comes with FREE scalp brush.Directions of Use
  1. Apply to wet hair
  2. Massage a small amount in circular motions to exfoliate the scalp
  3. Rinse thoroughly
  4. Follow with shampoo and condition if desired
  5. Ideal for use once a week
Key benefits
  • Ideal for oily and sensitive scalps
  • Reduces dandruff and itchiness
  • Re-balances and removes product build up
  • Perfect as a post-colour treatment
  • Infused with naturally exfoliating sucrose
  • Contains calming shea butter and soybean oils