Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Imitation Ebony/Ivory DE Safety Raz0r & Feather BIades


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Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Imitation Ebony / Chatsworth Brown DE Safety Raz0r & Feather Blades
Raz0r: This double edge safety raz0r is fitted with the classic edwin jagger raz0r head which has been popular amongst the wet shaving community for many years. The closed comb head is expertly engineered and finished with a high-quality chrome plate. It has an excellent reputation for the expert level of shaving it achieves.The classic Edwin Jagger closed comb razor head is praised for being an excellent choice for those trying traditional shaving for the first time, whilst remaining a firm favourite of those who are more experienced.When used with any standard DE raz0r blade and quality shaving cream or soap, this razor will produce a close and accurate shave often compared to that of a straight razor.The handle is finished with a polished imitation ivory acrylic coating, giving the razor a particularly classic, pleasant aesthetic.