Regular Haircut

This service includes a consultation, followed by machine back & sides and scissors on top and styled to finish

Reg Cut / All Scissors Precision Cut With Hot Towel Tonic

A precision cut; Consultation, Cut and an scalp treatment to stimulate dry and irritable scalp finished off with a refreshing hot towel

Skin Fade / Bald Fade

Also known as a bald fade or zero fade, the skin fade haircut comes in a variety of forms, including the high, mid, and low skin fade.

U12 Children’s Cut

Regular Cut or Skin Fade for Under 12’s

Wash and Blowdry

Wash with a shampoo to suit your hair type followed by a blowdry and hair cream/gel to finish

Beard Trims


A beard trim or design to shape and tidy up the beard and moustache. Scissors, machine and razor are used depending on style you want to achieve.

All Over Machine / Buzz Cut

Machine cut all over

Haircut and Finish

This service includes a Consultation, Cut, shampoo, Scalp conditioner & a hot towel tonic treatment

Highlights / Colour
Artistic Hair Designs (not inc cut)
Weddings / Private Bookings

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